The Dam View Inn

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to pop down to the newly remodeled Dam View Inn, located at 410 E. 2nd Street in Davenport. The bar re-opened on November 1st after being closed for a couple of months during an extensive remodel. It looks amazing inside; it now has this Old World Pub feeling, a complete change from the once quaint little dive bar. The exposed brick remains but added to it now is a sleek, dark wooden bar, with wooden beams running throughout and heavy, wooden shutters that can over the now exposed windows. It lends well to the ambiance of the place, making it feel quiet and dark, warm and inviting.

The beer and spirits selection remain the same as the old Dam View. Domestics and Great River Brewery beer on tap and represented in their extensive can selection. They have a lot of tall boys – a whole cooler dedicated to them, in fact. A craft beer fan can find the usual suspects to select from in bottle case amongst the premium lights and malt beverages. Or there’s always Jameson. They have great daily specials that they post up to the Facebook here.

The selection may not be the best but the service you get with it is quality – it always has been at the Dam View, in my experience.  The location is cool,  its got a great little spot right on the river at the foot of the Arsenal Lock & Dam #13 (hence the name). Go check it out sometime, I recommend it, it’s definitely one of my favorite bars in the downtown Davenport area.


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