Tyranena Brewing Co. in Lake Mills, Wisconsin


Recently I had the privilege of visiting Tyranena Brewing Co. located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. That’s about 35 minutes East of Madison, a quick drive outside of the city.

We stopped in the bar area to inquire about the upcoming tour. And to check out their draft list, of course.

IMG_0611 I ordered a Devil Made Me Do It! Imperial Coffee Porter. It is one of my favorite coffee beers and to have it at the brewery where it is made was a delight.

IMG_0625The tour started shortly after led by Ryan, one of the brewers on staff.

Tyranena opened in 1999 with the 30 bbl system you see below and has been in the same building for the get go, they started with growth in mind and they’ve been quite successful.

IMG_0618IMG_0614IMG_0615I was impressed with their hot and cold liquor tanks. They don’t use any glycol on this side of the process.

IMG_0612 IMG_0613 They now have 11 fermenters, all 60 bbl, so they brew double batches to fill each one. You can see in the picture below, hanging on the white wall, are all of their transfer hoses they use to move the different liquids around their building.  IMG_0616 IMG_0617 This is their bottling line, run by two staff members and one volunteer who comes in a builds all the boxes and takes all the bottles off the line in exchange for beer.  IMG_0619 I was also impressed with their keg filling/washing machine, pictured below. It can only wash one keg at a time but it can fill several at once. Very handy.


Dry storage…yep, that’s 6 pallets high. IMG_0621

Cold storage….yep those are barrels on the back row.


Grain! And packing supplies.


Empty things in the wait.

IMG_0624 IMG_0609Overall I was incredibly impressed with their operation, their beers, and their staff. Our tour guide was fantastic – even when dealing with some super obnoxious tour folk – the bartenders were friendly and accommodating, and the regulars bellied up to the bar were filled with great stories.

If you’re ever in Madison and you’re thinking about going to Ale Asylum yet again, go a bit further East and Visit Lake Mills, it’s worth the trip.

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