Those Two Times I went to Chicago

I’ve been to Chicago twice this year so far and had the opportunity to visit several different breweries and go to a Black Hawks game.

First and favorite visited this year was Half Acre Brewing Co.

I got a spot at the bar. 

Obviously ordered a Daisy Cutter. If anyone knows me at all knows that is one of my favorite beers of all of the times. The bartender was badass. He gave us his business card, inviting us to meet up with him after the Black Hawks game tomorrow, which he was also going to attend.

I had their Berliner Weiss and the Animal Law IPA. Both only further lead me to believe this is one of the best around.

Next stop was Dovetail, on recommendation for the badass brewer I work for.

A beautiful facility – huge – serving beautifully crafted, traditional style beers.

And then that Black Hawks game. I want to go to another one. I was out of sorts that evening and know I didn’t get all out of it that I could have. But I did enjoy myself and look forward to going again.

Fast forward two months and I take a day trip up to Chicago, the number one reason is to attend a Sours class at Skeleton Key Brewery & Incubator, that also has a classroom on site for beer education. It’s a very cool business concept.

The class was at 10:30am on a Sunday. I got a total of 3 hours of sleep, having closed the bar the night before, but I’m a trooper. The class was enjoyable, though I think I knew most of what we discussed. I learned a couple of things, mostly how to think about sour styles, how to categorize them based on ingredients used and vessel type.

It was taught by Marty Nachel, the guy who wrote Homebrewing Beer for Dummies and Beer for Dummies, so just getting to converse with him for a couple of hours was worth the trip. And I always love visiting new breweries.


Afterwards we headed over to the Two Brothers Roundhouse for food before heading home. I was in awe of that damn place, it is so huge. They need the same amount of employees to run their hostess stand as we need TOTAL at REB. Amazing.

I didn’t take too many pictures because my phone wasn’t really doing the place justice. Ya just gotta go. They have a whole outdoor area where they have live music, I want to come back once it gets warmer.

I also got the opportunity to have Sidekick Pale Ale once more as they’re discontinuing the brew. A shame, as we need more balanced hoppy beers in our lives. Thank Goodness for Call Me Ish-Pale.

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