The Fireplace Room: Project #2

IMG_2101The second room I decided to paint is the Fireplace Room. I painted it the hospital-gown green many years ago with my father. It took us three or four days to complete the job. This is why I was dreading it at first, but then I realized the difference between cheap paint (green) and good paint.

I purchased a 5-gallon bucket of Eggshell Behr Paint from Home Depot and it has worked phenomenally for me in both rooms. I’ve had to do one coat in both rooms and the color turns out smooth and consistent. The whole painting process in this room took about 6 hours. Set up and tear down, I’d say 9 hours total.

First things first….TAPE. I hate this part the most.


Second…patch any holes or cracks….


Third, go to town. (And by that I mean paint.)



IMG_2136 IMG_2137          IMG_2118

I absolutely love the way it turned out. The eggshell compliments the wood in the room so well, it brings about a nice warmness which is nice compared the sterile green it was before.


For now it is set up as a second bedroom for my sister, niece and brother-in-law who will be coming to stay with me soon! Then eventually it will be turned back into a living room.



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