My Time on Paula Sands Live

About six months ago, the Quad Cities Convention and Visitor’s Bureau reached out to be regarding a new segment on their website (, called the Quad Cities “Insider Blog”. They wanted to me contribute stories, bi-monthly, covering my personal experience in the QCA, alongside 4 other local residents. I was honored and immediately said ‘yes’….though I have to admit that initially I was floored because I forget that people sometimes actually read what I put up on here.

The blog launched on a Monday and on Wednesday I was asked if I’d be interested in going onto Paula Sands Live that Friday to promote it. Um….DUH! Once again I immediately say ‘yes’ and spend the next two days experiencing a mix of emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness to nausea to joy. But leading up to it, I just kept telling myself its just like what I do at work every day, I talk about my craft with people who are curious. This was the same thing, just in a different setting.

IMG_3062I was asked to arrive at 2:30pm to the Channel 6 building on Brady Street, my first time ever to this architecturally beautiful building. I had to phone inside to the building and was let in by a very nice gentlemen named Jake. Channel 6 has been shooting our local news in that space since the sixties, they’ve never renovated, and you can tell….its amazing.

So Jake walks me through the building, past rooms filled with dudes on computers and wires every where, and we come into the studio and my mind was blown. All in the same, massive room was the news desk, weather desk and green screen, and the set for Paula Sands Live, the ceiling and floors were covered with chords and lights and cameras. I’d never seen anything like it and it was incredible.

IMG_3057I was instructed just to hang out with the other guests of the show and wait until Paula Sands shows up. There was a gentlemen discussing his work with local charities and an upcoming fundraiser, Linda Cook reviewing Fast and Furious 7, or whatever its called, me, and the baby goats for an Easter thing. The baby goats were all the rage, at least 15 people came down over the course of a half-an-hour to see these things and get their pictures taken with them. Apparently it happens all the time with animals of any kind or cute kids.IMG_3055

IMG_3053While I was hanging out, I got to see local news anchor Bailey Dietz swoop in and do a quick little blurb on camera about an upcoming story. Not long after, weatherman Dorrell Winninger do a quick appearance about our weather report tonight at 9. It was so exciting! I got to take a bunch of pictures and they showed me the news room and director’s office, everyone was really nice. Then, Paula Sands came around and talked to each one of her guest’s individually so she could get an angle going for how she would interview us and what we’d talk about. She was easy to talk to and you can tell she’s been doing this for some time.

After that everyone got fitted with microphones and we just played the waiting game until it was our turn to talk. The airing began at 3pm and I was on stage from 3:13-3:19. I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to do with my hands or where to look (Paula said just look at her, like we’re having a normal conversation), but overall I think I handled myself well and hope to go back again sometime. If you want to see my interview, check it out here.



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