The First Quarter of 2017

I have solidified my love of bourbon barrel aged red wine & cave aged cheddar cheese.

So far this year, I’ve done a fair amount of cool things. What’s not cool, though, is that I’ve been unmotivated to work on my own writing. Or writing at all. It’s felt like pulling teeth for me to reach my actual deadlines, let alone do anything fun for me.

When in doubt, turn back to craft beer. A great brewery in Deland, Florida

But asked me to update their article about the breweries of the QCA and it sort of revitalized me, in a way. It got me thinking about some long-term writing goals, like perhaps crafting a History of Quad Cities Brewing from 1992 to present. Maybe that will lead me to joining forces with a local beer historian who knows all about the area, Pre-Prohibition. Add in how the home brew club connected the two, we may have quite the book, certainly a way to attract people to the area.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, as the sun is finally peaking out, so is my overall drive. The both written and typed word are flowing more easily. Pictures taken are given a bit more thought and care. And I’m sleeping soundly again.

But I can’t not share a few badass things I’ve been up to…and no worries, there will be more to come soon.

In January this year, I traveled down to Florida with the moms for a wedding. I spent in a day in St. Augustine, helped waxed wedding beers, visited a distillery and brewery, put my toes in the ocean and a did a headstand on the shore, had a great time with my family and was lucky enough to see my beautiful cousin marry a kickass brewer, then dance the night away.

Me Womaning a Cannon at the fort in St. Augustine
One of the best meals of my life
America’s Original Cuban sandwich and the best salad of my life, table side tossed & served.

I also took two trips to Chicago, where I’ll document that in more detail, here.

I saw Belinda Carlyle LIVE! AT Riverside Casino in Riverside, Iowa. Front Row Baby.

I found a place in town that serves a great Plantation salad. I was thinking about writing a history of the restaurant, through interviews with locals, then getting a basic recipe for the dressing down….

I tried bone marrow. It was gross.

Those are pretty much the highlights of 2017 so far. Most of my free time is now spent working on my house or on beer things, bar tending and event promotion. I’m getting my writing stride back, though, and it feels good.

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