My First Home Brew Day!

Sunday, March 13th, 2016, marked a very special occasion for me, my first batch of home brew. It took place in the ‘Boar’s Nest’, pictured below, my friend’s pretty awesome man cave. IMG_2044

At the last MUGZ home brew club meeting, two names were drawn to brew a beer with ingredients provided by the club; the same grain bill, hops, and yeast but the brewer comes up with the recipe. Then we meet up in April and drink them both and talk about it.

My name was pulled. I even specifically said, “don’t put my name in there!!” I’m not a home brewer, I don’t have a brew set up at home, I attend these meetings for the love of information and creativity. But I guess, after 4 years of hanging around the QC home brewers, its about time I start brewing myself.


So I went over there around 1pm, we got the electric system all set up and water filling and then heating up.  We then milled the grain with a cool rig where an electric drill became a crank turn.

Once we had enough water and it was hot enough (166 degrees), we “mashed in”, which is a brewers way of saying we dumped grain into super hot water and stirred in a round with a wooden paddle.

Then we waited for an hour to let the grain germinate a bit, so we could open it up and get it to release sugars.


Then we sparged. The grain settles to the bottom of the kettle and acts as a filter. I poured hot water over it, while it was draining into the kettle and having that nice sugar water, or wort, run off.

This was also the first hop drop. We then brought this sugary water up to a boil and kept it there while we performed the second and third hop drops every 30 minutes. This is also when we had to rehydrate the yeast – see our yeast was in this powdery form but we added it to 100 degree water to wake it up a bit before adding it into the wort.


IMG_2049 IMG_2050  IMG_2052


After the boil and hop drops we put an immersion chiller in the drop the temperature as quickly as possible. We transferred into the carboy fermentor and pitched the yeast.


Now it sits in this fridge until it is transferred into a keg, carbonated, and dry-hopped. It will be unveiled on Sunday, April 24th, 2016 at the MUGZ Meeting at Rebellion Brew Haus.


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