Current Status

There’s been a lot of questions being asked about what’s going on with me these days….as most of you may know, I have left Radicle Effect Brewerks. After 5 years of employment, I had reached a sense of completion, like there was no more I could do there. I started looking around for my next venture about 9 months ago and finally found my next move. I am now the Assistant Manger at Crawford Brew Works in Bettendorf, Iowa. It is, indeed, a very different gig, but so far I really like it. Now, because I can’t let go of my love for Rock Island, or its inhabitants, and enjoy melting faces with metal music, I’ve also picked up a spot at Wake Brewing. I will be there Monday nights.

I am also working on the Home Brew event, Festive-Ale. It’s a beer fest with over 50 home brewed beers and 6 Reverse Collabs with the pro brewers in town. It’s Saturday, July 20th, from 2-6pm at Wake. It is always a great afternoon and at $20 a ticket price, reasonable too. Check out the event page for more info.

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