Colorado Trip 11.18

I recently took a trip to Colorado to visit my family who lives out there. Overall it was a fantastic time.  However, the blizzard we had here slowed my return trip down by about 3 days. 

My trips out West always takes me to Trinidad, Colorado, a New Mexico border town where my family lives. It’s about 3 hours South of Denver, which is where I flew in and out of this time around. I love exploring what beers I can get out there. To my surprise I found some more SKA Mexican Lager (an April release) just shy of a few days of expiring (it was still delicious!). I was also introduced to Paradox Beer Company that makes badass sours. Renegade ended up making a huge fan out of me this trip.

As I was visiting for Thanksgiving, I lent my hand in the kitchen for the big day. We were expecting 25-30 people and ended up with 24. I spent a good two days without leaving the mountain my sister lives on, just prepping and cleaning. It was very relaxing and then satisfying to see the group enjoy the food we planned and prepared. 

Also while in Trinidad I was introduced to think funky taco joint called El Rancho. It was like walking into a time capsule, such a cool little bar. They had delicious food and served their margaritas in plastic glasses. Fantastic.

My new few days were spent in Denver, Colorado. While there I visited 2 breweries, TRVE and Renegade, and 1 cidery, Stem Ciders. I highly recommend all 3 for different treasons. TRVE is just an all around badass, metal friendly place. Renegade had solid beers, including my favorite of the trip, their Rose Saison. Stem was a fun place to hang out with eclectic ciders with flights to try multiples in one visit. 

The final leg of my journey has everything to do with the weather. See, I was worried that there would be long lines in security, what with flying out of Denver on the busiest travel day of the year. And there was. But there was also SO.MUCH.MORE.

I was supposed to leave on Sunday evening, fly into Moline around 10:30pm. Wrong. Blizzard. However, they didn’t tell me my flight was cancelled until 9:30pm. So I got a hotel near the Denver airport for two days and waited for the QC to dig our airport out. 

It was beautiful where I was stranded at. However, 25 miles away from anything. So I hung out in airport hotel limbo until Tuesday, where I was to catch a connecting flight in Chicago, coming home around 8pm. Wrong. My first flight was delayed, making me miss my second flight. So I got put up in another hotel for a whole 7 hours before catching my return flight, (also delayed), in Chicago, landing in the QCA at 11am, Wednesday. 

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