Casey’s Breakfast Pizza




Have you ever had Casey’s Breakfast Pizza? It is quite possibly one of the best concoctions out there on the market. As far as pizza is concerned. You’ve got a normal pizza crust, egg instead of sauce, with either sausage or bacon and cheese. It is a magical delight of a breakfast option.

Now, if you’re not in the Midwest, you don’t have the option. Casey’s General Store is headquartered out of Ankeny, a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa, where they have 513 stores statewide. They have a over 1900 stores throughout the region, also in Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Indiana, both Dakotas, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

The owner, Donald Lamberti, leased his first service station in 1959 in Des Moines, Iowa, and slowly grew store by store. With his third one, located in Waukee, Iowa, that had at the time a population of 1500, he was shocked to learned that it was his most successful store to date. Lamberti decided then to focus on opener up his futures stores in smaller towns, a move that proved successful.

I grew up in Blue Grass, Iowa, and Casey’s was the only pizza place around. I loved when I’d wake up on the weekends and my mom had decided to “run into town” and pick up a breakfast pizza. As I’ve grown up it has become a road travel necessity, especially while camping. It’s nice to see the red roofed logo and know that this morning’s breakfast is going to be hot.



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