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There are only a few short days in 2015 left…it was an odd year for me…it’s interesting really, I’m back where I started from but am in a completely different place. This year is ending on a high note, a lot of good has come out of the past few months. It’s also ending with a very clear list of intentions I have for myself for 2016. Goals I’ve already started working on….


I want to create. A lot. In a lot of different mediums. I want to continue on this journal collage project, I’ve really been pouring myself into it and producing some neat things.


I also want to continue my studies into myself via researching more about Human Design, Earthing, and continued practice of yoga. Overall I want to be better to my body. I’m taking the month of January and most of February off from drinking (there are two events, vacation to Colorado and Seven Days of Darkness at Radicle Effect, that I will drink beer during), and will end my recreational smoking of cigarettes forever dammit. I will also work out more, much much more.

IMG_1439 I’m also considering getting another cat. IMG_1441

There are some shows I want to go see….I’m going to go see Metric in February in Madison. (Yay!) I’d love to catch the Tool/Primus show in St. Louis. I would also love to see Mumford & Sons again soon. I keep my eye on upcoming shows with the app Bands In Town. Play around with it if you haven’t and love live music.


I’d like to visit Sedona, Arizona and the state of Michigan in 2016.


I will spend more time with my mother this year.


I will be more productive with my efforts in regards to QC Beer Week.



There are a few things that will be different next year, compared to this one. My sister, brother-in law, and beloved 2 year old niece are moving from my neighborhood to Colorado soon. I will miss them like crazy. Having my sister and her daughter so close these last two years has been a literal life saver for me, I’m beyond sad to see them go. But I don’t think I’ll be as lonely this year, and you can’t measure love in miles.



I will also work on my father’s home. I will fix it up. It will be another creative endeavor for me, something that I can be proud of, that I can use to remember him by.

This coming year will be really great. I know it. And I’m excited.


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  1. Your sister sounds almost as awesome as you and she probably misses you very much. In fact, shes probably eating nachos on the couch, with a spoon, reading blog articles shes read before…just to hear your voice. So, keep putting yourself out there because its beautiful and brave.

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