About QCAG

I’ve always had this thirst for knowledge in any hobby I pick up – in younger times spending the afternoons at one of the libraries for hours, coming home with a heavy backpack and a plan for the evening. Older now, this evolving from a hobby to a career, much of my research is via the Interwebs, though I still have a serious love for the hardbacks and keep many reference volumes around. These days the ones I reach for most often are about craft beer (or artisanal spirits in general).

It has been about seven years now since I caught the bug; working a quiet winter at a local craft beer bar, I learned all about different styles and tastes while studying a massive bottle case, a habit I still find enjoyment in. And my quest for knowledge rages on though travels to Midwest breweries and beer festivals, to working in various capacities for a couple local breweries around town, and spending time with friends who love beer as much as I do.

The world of craft beer is vast, ever changing, and fascinating to me. I want to know the story behind the guys and gals who make the beer, or better yet, who thought to have a brewery in the first place. And where did the equipment come from? How big is it? Does it break a lot? I still want to know what yeast strains are used to make the beers we fill our growlers with and what hops flavor it, and where they are grown. I still want to learn how to brew and taste and judge beer. I want to know it all.

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on my last blogventure, and I appreciate the support. It has been encouraging as well as inspiring; it has made me realize how proud I am to be a member of our little society here. We’re a close-knit crew that enjoys sharing the on-goings of all the QC…who’s brewing what, what’s on tap where, and where can we get what’s next, and when? It’s through those gatherings at the local brewpubs and taverns, those shared tips and experiences that truly establish and sustain a community.

This is one way I’d like to play a part in that. I could sit here and continue to amass all this knowledge, research for hours on brewing craft beer and origins of spirits and what’s going on around town and use it for what? Or I could share it with you. I think that’s a much better idea, don’t you?

Hello Quad Cities. I’m happy to be here and I can’t wait to have a beer with you. Again.


QC Ale Girl ☺