AH5A9971 As some of you may know, last year I inherited this big ol’ house from my father, located in the West End of Davenport. Originally I had sought to sell it, it is a lot of responsibility and needs a lot of work. But now, after sitting on the market for too long, I’ve changed my mind and decided to keep it. My perspective is that it hasn’t sold yet, because it truly is mine.

1921 Apt. #1

My Bathroom Demo

The Cold Room: Project #1

The Fireplace Room: Project #2

1921 Apt. #2



AH5A9981 AH5A9990 AH5A9992 AH5A9994 AH5A9996 I threw a few pictures of the house up with my niece because she’s pretty darn cute. These pre-rennovation pictures were taken by Rebecca Woodham Oepping, an incredibly talented photography and a hilarious woman to boot.  AH5A0003 AH5A0008 AH5A0010 AH5A0013  AH5A0039 AH5A0040    AH5A0049 AH5A0055 AH5A0068 AH5A0092 AH5A0103 AH5A0107 AH5A0109 IMG_0429 IMG_0430 IMG_0431IMG_0432

Our Bedroom Before.



Our Bedroom Step 1.