Two Seats at the Bar

Hello Everyone! Recently my co-worker and good friend, Shale Sage, asked me to join him in co-hosting a podcast. It’s about all things beverage and service industry-related, and so far it’s going quite well. Listed below are brief descriptions with the link to listen. Keep up-to-date on our newest endeavor here on Facebook. I hope you enjoy!

Episode Zero: Introduction to Shale Sage and Debbie Davis

Episode One: Interview with Scot Schar, Head Distiller at Mississippi River Distilling Co. & winner of the National Mead Maker of the Year award.

Episode Two: Interview with Mike Wenthe, Bourbon collector & distributor as well as the Quad Cities Beer Historian

Episode Three: Interview with Curt Johnson, newest professional brewer of the QCA at Baked Beer & Bread Co.

Episode Four: Interview with Ben Ward, barista for Red Band Coffee Co.

Episode Five: Interview with Patrick Murphy, head brewer for Bent River Brewing. Co.

Episode Six: Interview with Alex Nagel, Bartender at Cru

Episode Seven: Interview with Brandon King, wine distributor

Episode Eight: Interview with Alex Riser, Bartender at Up

Episode Nine: Interview with Josh Holmes, Bar Manager at Barley & Rye

Episode Ten: Interview with Sean McQueen, Brand Manager for MRDC

Episode Eleven: Interview with Tom Lawson, Bartender at WAKE

Episode Twelve: Interview with Freda Tyson, Chiropractor

Episode Thirteen: Interview with Cameron Saunders, salesman for Marketplace, a distribution company

Episode Fourteen: Interview with Wendy, bar manager at Great River Brewery

Episode Fifteen: Interview with Broc Nelson

Episode Sixteen: Interview with Naomi Requet

Episode Seventeen: Interview with Brooke Toscano

Episode Eighteen: Interview with Alex Ryser

Episode Nineteen:Interview with Kat Langford

Episode Twenty: Interview with Jason & Justen Parris

Episode Twenty One: Interview with Allison Wan Vert

Episode Twenty Two: Interview with Mike Wenth

Episode Twenty Three: Interview with Steve Hansen