My Bathroom Demo

About two years ago while in my bathroom, doing my makeup, water began to drip onto my head. Unbeknownst to me, there was a leak in-between the first and second floors, that slowly dripped its way through the second floor and subfloor, lots of insulation, then my ceiling. Just like in the Grand Canyon. But above my head. Original leak was fixed. A new leak emerged recently.

So far, water damage has been my number one enemy with this house. It’s why I had to get all new gutters and have part of my facia replaced. It’s why I have to have a set of stairs rebuilt. It’s why I can see parts of my downstairs from my bathroom. As we got further and further into locating the leak, it became more and more clear to me that I had to gut this room. So we did.

My sister said this is the most “adult” thing I’ve ever done. She may be right. I’m selling it to myself as my birthday present. No vacations for awhile. Insert frown face. But my 1921 is a huge part of my livelihood. It’s important to me to treat her right and take proper care of her, allowing leaks to continue can cause permanent damage. So here we go, I’m trying not to freak.

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