I. Still. Write. Book One.

I began my journal project earlier this week, making some pretty cool looking entries. My explorations this week took my to thinking about family, perversion, procrastination, and love….as always…. IMG_0319-1



A very wise man once asked me, “Are you going to talk about it? Or are you going to BE about?” This has become a mantra of mine recently. I sit on my couch wishing I was out with friends or dreaming of being a writer or craving homemade pesto, when the whole time I have the power to get up and go get what I want.





I spend so much time thinking about what I’m going to doing (or what I HAVE to do), that it only retards my progress. I am my own worst enemy. I can provide myself with what I want and yet I am the one who prohibits my movement.



So this week if I didn’t happen to make it to the gym everyday, I sat down and worked on my art. How your exercise out what you need to purge can be expressed in a variety of different ways. Each one providing different, though still satisfying and effective, results.



So I’m getting better. I’m coming out of my shell creatively, socially, and physically. I’ve spent the better part of the last year grieving, filled with sadness and sedentary solace. I feel like I’m waking up. And I feel happy.


I’ve been disappointed with people, people I genuinely like and have interest in. It’s a shame how some people treat one another. My sister and I were just talking the other day about eradicating the bad people from your life. Why would you not want to surround yourself with good people? Why do you not want to strive to be good yourself?


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