Sexy Slow Jams: STFT

I have loved sexy slow jams for as long as I can remember. Listening to Keith Sweat and Color Me Badd on Power 98.9, singing “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…” while playing Barbies in the basement,I have always enjoyed R&B. I had forgotten about some of these songs, though, until I started working at Bent River; the cook on Sundays had Sexy Slow Jam Sundays and played classics from my childhood.

A few months ago I put a post up on Facebook, asking my friends to contribute to a list of sexy songs, I wanted to compile a master list of the best sexy songs and I wanted to make a mix tape.

MixtapeSo I complied a long list of great tunes, including but not limited to:

Ginuwine – Pony

Chris Issac – Wicked Games

Nobody- Keith Sweat

Nice & Slow- Usher

Freak Me- Silk

Knockn’ da boots- H town

Red light special- TLC

Too Close- Next

I Wanna Sex You Up- Color Me Bad

Come and Talk to me- Jodeci

Sailing – Christopher Cross

Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison

No Ordinary Love – Sade

Come Back and Stay – Paul Young

Every Time You Go Away – Paul Young

Slave to Love – Bryan Ferry

Untitled (How Does it Feel) – D’Angelo

Anywhere – 112

Any Time, Any Place – Janet

Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers

Hungry Eyes – Eric Carmen

Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx

Maxwell – Ascention

Aaliyah – Are you That Somebody

Kelly – don’t Put me Out

D-Angelo – Feel Like Makin’ Love

Black Street – No Diggity

Shai – If I ever Fall

Let’s Stay Together/ So Tired of Being Alone – Al Green

These Arms of Mine -Otis Redding

Let’s Get It On -Marvin Gaye

Force M.Ds- Tender Love

Zap and Roger- I Want to Be Your Man

Lenny Kravitz- All I Ever Wanted

George Michael- Father Figure

But it was much, much too long for my mission.

See I discovered awhile back that Ben Crabb, the gentleman behind Turn Table Tuesdays at RIBCO and an employee of Ragged Records, also has a radio show on KALA-FM Radio, 88.5, out of St. Ambrose University. On Fridays at midnight and Saturdays at noon, he plays mix tapes people send him. I was hooked as soon as I heard; I loved making mix tapes as a young girl and still keep it up with CD’s today, so I had my mission set.

I asked him if there were any time restrictions and he said,

“It’s got to be 60 minutes.”

My response: “I have a two and a half hour long play list. And that doesn’t include a few other songs I wanted to add.”

“I’ll give you two parts, 120 minutes max.”



So I’ve narrowed down the list quite a bit to stay within the 120 minute parameter. Not every song that some would like to see is on here, but honestly, I don’t care. If you want a different sexy slow jam list, then you make one. Because I loved this music growing up I wanted my very favorites to be all together in one place. So while some may think its weird that “Knockin’ Da Boots” isn’t on there, it’s because I’ve never really dug into that song that way I have with these.

The final list:

  1. Ginuwine – Pony
  2. Giving Him Something He Can Feel – En Vogue
  3. Nice & Slow – Usher
  4. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) – Maxwell
  5. Don’t Leave Me – Blackstreet
  6. No Ordinary Love – Sade
  7. I Want Your Sex – George Michael
  8. Too Close – Next
  9. I Wanna Sex You Up – Color Me Badd
  10. Red Light Special – TLC
  11. Nobody – Keith Sweat
  12. Give In to Me – Michael Jackson
  13. Any Time, Any Place – Janet Jackson
  14. Wicked Game – Chris Issak
  15. If I Ever Fall In Love – Shai

Let me know if you want a copy of it. On CD, I only made one on cassette, and that belongs to Ben.

And if you were wondering, the true title is, “Sexy Slow Jams: Songs to Fuck To”.



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  1. Awesome play list, A CD would be cool. Let me know the next time you’re pulling taps in the evening during the week and what pub. I’ll swing by for a beer and CD. Thanks.

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