Iowa Bucket List

I was born and raised in the state of Iowa and I absolutely love it. I am a proud Iowan and Hawkeye Alum, earning my Bachelor’s of Art from the University of Iowa. Both my parents hail from here as well, my mother growing up on a farm outside of Ames and my father being from the Quad Cities. Both of my parents also love to travel, I suppose this is where I picked up my wanderlust from, if we every had any length of free time, we would adventure out into the country. While I’ve seen a lot in Iowa, there’s so much more to discover. I’m working on an Iowa Bucket List and checking things off. My goal is to document via pic each one I visit.

  • Strawberry Point – Home to the world’s largest fiberglass strawberry

IMG_3613 IMG_3615 IMG_3616

  • Madison County – Visit a Covered BridgeIMG_0115
  • The Grotto of the Redemption – a religious monument in West Bend
  • Crystal Lake – home to the largest bullhead fish
  • Burlington – I want to drive down Snake Alley, the most crooked street in the world
  • The world’s largest wooden nickel is right outside of Iowa City (how did I live there for 7 years and NOT KNOW!)
  • Cold Water Cave has the largest cliff in Iowa
  • Visit the Field of Dreams….I’ve never been….weird, huh?
  • Go to the Iowa State Fair
  • Hike the Loess Hills
  • Hang out in Pella
  • Revisit the Amana Colonies

The list will keep growing, this I know, and if you have any suggestions please contact me….The final mission of this whole idea is to visit all 99 counties in Iowa. I’ve got 49 down….50 to go….



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