Hello Quad Cities! Happy Fall, though it is starting out on a rather hot note. I know I’ve been rather quiet on this page lately, between brewery work, home renovation and summertime fun, it’s been hard for me to sit at a desk beyond the bare minimum. I’ve also recently taken on a new creative outlet, a podcast!

My co-worker, Shale Sage, and I have started “Two Seats at the Bar”, a podcast about all things local, beverage, and bar tending. Some of my favorite topics. I’m going to dedicate a page on here to the endeavor, so you can link episodes directly from qcalegirl.com!

Of course I will continue to write here and on www.visitquadcities.com, as well as the occasional invitation from other sources. I’ve been enjoying the freedom of writing without limiting myself to just ales and lagers.  I will always write about beer; it is what inspired me to start this blog and it continues to inspire me in my research and my travels. But I also love other things and have grown to really enjoy documenting certain parts of my existence and turning it into art. I’m proud of what I’m doing.

And, as I’ve been going along having adventures and embracing good things, I’ve realized something…its not about the beer…its not even about spirits…its about experience and the people you share your time with. One can simply order a great beer and sit and enjoy it. One can do this. And one will. But I think we all know its more fun to strike up a conversation with the bartender, or those who bellied up next to you, to share what we know and think about brews, the bar, the world….

I’m proud to be from the Quad Cities. We have a fantastic beer community, built up by people that love the experiences surrounding craft brewing and beer. The thirst for knowledge and the openness to share is touching at times. Then again, we are in the heart of the Midwest, a place that, I believe, produces some really great people. Some of the best. I see that as I spend more time with all of you and our circle widens.  As we all continue down the beer journey, oftentimes our paths will cross, and I couldn’t be happier.